e-mailed Content : Guidelines

rRVlogorRVblog logo claretandamberContent in an e-mail and/or e-mail attachment can take a lot of time to convert for rRV web-site use.

To make e-mailed content Bob and web-site friendly, please follow the guidance below.

Failure to do so may mean valuable and interesting content will not find its way onto the web-site.

The advice and guidance below is for content:-

  •  generated outside WordPress, other web-site compatible software or Skydrive
  • where you are using Microsoft software programmes

If there is someone more techie or savvy than me, or who uses other software, please add guidance on how to use it in the comment box.


body text

Text from the body of an e-mail can be cut and pasted straight into WordPress.

N B    If you have a short text-only content to share, use the appropriate comment box.

e-mail attachments 


Please use one of the following;-

  • MS word
  • .txt file format
  • plain text


  • Send text and images as separate files
  • Do not use layout formatting or text enhancement (text boxes, borders etc) – they will be lost in conversion.


File format

  • .JPEG, .jpg file format preferred
  • .PNG file format is acceptable


  • 72 ppi preferred – no bigger than 100 ppi 5 to 7 inches (12.5 cms to 13.5 cms) max on longest side seems to work best
  • Don’t make them lighter on pixels than 72 ppi or a small size. I can’t make them bigger.

Images can/should have:

  • title (required)
  • caption (preferred)
  • description (optional)

Keep these separate from the image. Do not embed them in the image

Maps & Diagrams

  • lines 1.5 point as minimum.
  • text font size minimum 12 point.
  • As above, send images and text separately.
  • Keep any key or legend outside the map or diagram. Do not embed in the image.

Composite images

These can be put together using MS Publisher, then saved as a .jpg file

e.g the collection of images at the top of the Adding Content page and in the Ripley Ville 1871 post were put together on an ‘index card’ in MS Publisher and saved as a .jpg file


Make sure you have saved and kept a copy of your text and images

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last updated 2014/01/14

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