About : rediscovering Ripleyville Project

rediscovering Ripley Ville logo in claret and goldAims : This blog is part of a wider rediscovering Ripleyville project to return the industrial model village of Victorian Ripley ville and Bowling Dyeworks to their proper place in the history of ‘Worstedopolis’ – Bradford in the mid-late Victorian period (1835-1885) – and to place Ripley Ville within the context of the industrial model villages of the West Riding from the same period.

Heritage Matters : It is seeking to record and campaign for the preservation of what remains of Ripleyville and connected sites and structures including the Ripleyville (Bowling Dyeworks) Almshouses.

Beneficiaries : By 1991 parts of the Greater West Bowling area, which includes the two Ripleyville sites and those of Ripley Dyeworks and Ripleys Mills, were amongst the most deprived in the country. The rediscovering Ripleyville project is seeking to bring benefit to Bowling residents and inner south Bradford

We need your help the project grow and do what it needs to do:-

Content : Additional content for the blog has been provided by ex-Residents of Ripleyville and those with ancestors who lived there and/or had connections to Bowling Dyeworks. Content for the web-site is welcomed, see ‘Adding Content’ pages.

Contributions : The web-site and the wider rediscovering Ripleyville project depends entirely on the efforts and contributions of volunteers. There are a number of ways in which you can help – see ‘Contributions’ page

rRV web-site : The rediscovering Ripleyville web-site is run by Bob Walker, who lived in West Bowling between 1981 and 1996. He has been researching the history of Victorian West Bowling and Ripley Ville for more than 10 years. He was also responsible for a longitudinal survey of physical and economic conditions in ‘Greater West Bowling’ 1991 – 2001 and in profiling aspects of community capacity and voluntary sector activity over that 11 year period.

Members Area : The web-site has a Members Area, accessible to ‘Friends of Ripleyville’ members (see side-bar left to sign up as member)

Last updated 2014/08/01

2 responses

  1. Some of the photos are no longer viewable

    1. Thanks for this Vera. This site is no longer being updated or maintained; Broken links, if that is what has caused this, will remain as they are I’m afraid.

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