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A restructuring of the web-site’s pages and re-balancing of blog and other content is in progress. Some of this has already happened.

  • For the history of Ripleyville, the Ripleys activities and those at Bowling Dyeworks, new cascaded content pages will be split across themes and historical periods. (1)
  • Content in the ‘About’ & ‘Heritage Matters’ pages will be changed and appear under new titles

The cascade will nest pages within sections and, where they exist, in sub-sections


Some details may change but as of mid-Jan 2014 the planned content cascade looks something like this:-

1.  Development of Bowling Dyeworks, Ripleyville and its environs 1807-1885

to include present page

  • Bowling Dyeworks : Working the Chemistry 1807-1877

‘Ripley Ville and its Victorian World 1835-1885’ (2)

to include existing page and content from a re-titled ‘About’ page.

  • Henry William Ripley : Pattern Man
  • The industrial model village of Ripleyville 1866-1881

This is the section and sub-section which is the priority for the coming year.

If you have ideas for pages or posts that fit this sub-section and section please get in contact.

2.  Ripley Ville 1886 -1935

3.  Ripley Ville & the Villa 1935-1970 : More than a Memory.

It may be that ex-residents of the Villa may wish to add content under this heading.

Please keep in mind Resource constraints

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4.  Ripley Ville 1886 – 1970 (Hollowing out, Decline & Demolition?)

to include

The Villa : Discord and Demolition 1968-1870

to include present page

  • Housekeeping v Demolition

5,   Ripley Ville 1971 & after

to include present page

  • Victorian Ripley Ville Now

N.B. This is a planned structure. It is not the present structure – though changes on the web-site move the content cascade in this direction.


(1)  planned changes extend to the other pages and groups of pages on the web-site

(2)  the Victorian period did not start until 1837

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2 responses

  1. Stanley Goulding | Reply

    Having lost interest some two years ago the new website has awakened my interest.
    Hopefully I will be able to contribute in due course.
    Having lived in both Saville Street and Ripley Terrace 1954 to 1966 I was somewhat dismayed to visit the area last year!

    1. Hello again Stanley,
      Its good to get a thumbs up for the effort. I’ll look forward to your contributions.


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