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Diversity! Growth! Excitement!

Since this blog went public, the ‘rediscovering Ripleyville‘ community has continued to diversify and grow. Exciting improvements to the blog and for the rediscovering Ripleyville project are in hand. This page tells you how you can be part of rediscovering Ripleyville and the rediscovering Ripleyville project.

Be part of rediscovering Ripleyville

Use the sign up form in side-bar right for membership of the ‘Friends of Ripleyville‘ group. We need your help and support. Use the form at the bottom of the page for ideas or offers of help. see also Adding Content to the rRV web-site

Contributions for 2014 : How you can help

Contributions to the rediscovering Ripleyville project and web-site are welcomed.

rRV web-site :-

  • I’m still looking for a web-buddy to give me a couple of hours technical support every couple of weeks to improve the web-site. Think you got the skills and the patience?
  • Get in touch through the form below.


rRV project : rediscovering Ripleyville Steering Group

  • You may be able to help the rRV project:-
  • Do you live in or near Bradford and have knowledge of Ripleyville or Bowling Dyeworks or an interest in them?
  • Do you have a few hours a week spare?

We are looking for one or two members for our  rediscovering Ripleyville Steering Group.

Heritage Matters :-

  • Ideas and offers of help welcomed for celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the founding of Ripley Ville on 15th November 2015.
  • See also ideas for an ‘Excellence Hub‘ and ‘Heritage Survey‘ presented at end of most recent post ‘Missing : Colour Supplement in Bradford’s Heritage offer – Part 2
  • Look out for the new Heritage Matters Events & Projects page(s) (under development)

Use the contact form below for offers for ideas and offers of help

see also Adding Content to the rRVweb-site

last updated 2014/02/06

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