Adding Content

and illustrations submitted by contributors in 2013

a selection of images and illustrations submitted by contributors to rRV web-site in 2013

‘truely fascinating’

‘a wonderful resource’

Do you want to add to this web-site’s growing reputation?

Sometimes a comment or two are not enough.

You’ve got photos, drawings, a memento, letter, original document or information you want to share.

Last year the rediscovering Ripleyville blog attracted many contributions from ex-residents of ‘the Villa’ and was the place for lively debate in its comments’ streams. This helped to move knowledge forward on what was built -particularly in the northern part of the village. Gaps still remain.

The rest of this page mixes guidelines and ‘how to add content’ advice.

It takes you through the steps for adding your content to the rediscovering Ripleyville web-site

sees also  Resource constraints and Priority content 2014

Are you looking to help in other ways? seeContributions’ page

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Adding content to the rediscovering Ripley Ville web-site

The information below is for content that needs to be generated outside of WordPress, or other compatible software.

The two standard options for adding content from last year are still available.

  • comment boxes
  • e-mailed Content

New options available for 2014

  • tweets on Twitter
  • Co-authored content
  • a Guest Post or Page

From 2014 a new rRV facility is available using MS Skydrive. The facility will allow content to be prepared in a format that is compatible with the web-site.

Comment Boxes

1.  Please use the most relevant box if you are leaving a comment.

Hint : Ask yourself “Am I making a comment about the content on the web-site page or the blog post that I am on?”

2.  Please keep comments short – no more than about 120 words

N B     Content in a comment box cannot be;

  • tagged,
  • included in the categories listing (side bar left)
  • and will not come up in searches.

3.   rRV actions : e-mail addresses

  • I will always reply on the blog to the first comment you leave. (I may also reply by e-mail.)
  • Your e-mail address will be added to a rediscovering Ripleyville e-mail list
  • It will not be shared with any third party without your express permission.
  • Commenters receive occasional and appropriate news about the web-site or rRV project at intervals during the year.

rRVlogorRVblog logo claretandamber

Beyond the Comment Box


  • Brian M, Derek B, Graham A, Graham H, Gordon B, Ian & Marilyn J, Jeff H, Lesley L, Mick W, Micky E, Peter K, Stanley G, …

They have already moved beyond leaving comments to forwarding documents or information to share on the blog.

Some of these are shown in the composite image at the top of the page.

Thanks to you all- You’re Stars!

e-mailed Content

Content in an e-mail and/or e-mail attachment can take a lot of time to convert for web-site use. To make e-mailed content Bob and web-site friendly, please follow the guidance on the e-mailed Content : Guidelines page.

I’m afraid really interesting content may not find its way onto the web-site, otherwise.


This is new facility that makes use of MS Skydrive. You will need to register with Skydrive to use the facility and be a rediscovering Ripleyville project member. see ‘Friends of Ripleyville’ – sign-up side-bar right

The facility will be useful for:-

  • Posts or pages that benefit from rRV members different areas of expertise and knowledge
  • ensuring Premium Content is of a quality suitable for the Members Area or wider publication, including sale.

Guest Post or Page

If you have ideas for a guest post or page please contact me.

Previously content has been generated

  • on request from me
  • following a comment, where something is too long or complex for the comment box
  • where the content includes images or material not accessible though a hyperlink to another source

sees also Resource constraints and Priority content 2014

Restructuring of web-pages

A restructuring of the web-site’s pages and re-balancing of blog and other content is in progress.

Cascaded content pages on the web-site will be split across themes and historical periods.

When completed this should make options and priorities for content clearer for 2014

more on Content Cascade

If you were a resident of the Villa 1936-1970 or your family were, see Ripley Ville 1936-1970 : More than a Memory page

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