Not retiring : retiring rediscovering Ripleyville blog – slowly

a short post – making clear what will be happening with the rRV blog and to clear up any misunderstanding

Not retiring : retiring the rediscovering Ripleyville blog – slowly


I received one almost immediate response to my ‘Beginning of the End’ post about the rediscovering Ripleyville blog. It assumed I was ‘retiring’. For some of those who were of working age during the Thatcher years, retiring now isn’t an option, except to real or relative poverty. It is not something I will be choosing.

As I stated in the previous post;

I will still be researching the Victorian history of the area and writing about it.


… new or consolidated findings about Ripley Ville or Ripley Ville related topics will not be published on this web-site and blog.

rRVblog logo claretandamber

So I’m not retiring; the rediscovering Ripleyville blog is being ‘retired’. Even this won’t happen until the target of 110 or so posts is reached, so it will be ‘retired’ slowly – going out not with a bang but a whimper.

In the interim and until draft or planned posts are published, the rediscovering Ripley Ville web-site and blog will remain accessible. This guarantee is subject to the conditions I outlined in the previous post.


Slimming down and re-orientating commitments

I am, however, slimming down and re-orientating my commitments for the more immediate future; the next 6 to 12 months.

So contrary to previous plans, I am now making no immediate plans for;

  • a new ‘Ripleyville’ web-site (or sites)
  • work on print or e-publications with a focus exclusively on Ripley Ville, Bowling Dyeworks, the Ripleys, or H W Ripley in particular

The reasons will be made clear in the post that follows but as ever such decisions depend on limits of time and resources.

published 2016/09/09

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  1. love this site very interesting i live not far from here my dad remembers the houses and streets in riplyville

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