rediscovering Ripley Ville blog : the Beginning of the End

This post announces the beginning of the end for the rediscovering Ripleyville blog and sets out some future arrangements for availability of content and keeping in contact.

rediscovering Ripley Ville logo in claret and gold

rediscovering Ripley Ville blog : the Beginning of the End

110 posts and bow out?

If you have been visiting this site over the past 4 years or are visiting for the first time, you may know or notice that there has been no new post to it since May 6th – nearly 4 months.

It hasn’t been a conscious decision not to post. There are two long draft posts awaiting completion, a third has a provisional title, plans for a forth have been sketched. Things have just stopped. Holidays, other priorities, paid work, good walking weather and, when it comes down to it, a tailing off in motivation are major reasons.

I was motivated to get to 100 posts; a total achieved at the beginning of this year. I wasn’t fully satisfied because some of these posts are very short, others are about the so far unsuccessful attempt to promote a rediscovering Ripley Ville project and set-up a Ripleyville group in parallel to the web-site. They were about organisation rather than the process of historical rediscovery or research findings about Ripley Ville.

When taken together with the content in the web-site pages, accessed through the navigation bar, getting to 110 posts on Ripley Ville looked like a better upper target. It could yield 100 items on Victorian or more recent history on the topic. That would be when the rRV blog could and should bow out.

That being the case and whatever happens beyond this point, I need to come clean. It can’t be put off any longer. The rediscovering Ripley Ville blog is at the beginning of its end.

Site Content :  Future Availability

If there are:-

  • no changes in the terms under which the blog is hosted
  • no password or content security issues
  • no clear copyright breaches in its use

the site will remain as it is.

Future Plans

I will still be researching the Victorian history of the area and writing about it. Beyond the posts I have indicated as pending, new or consolidated findings about Ripley Ville or Ripley Ville related topics will not be published on this web-site and blog.

I will be doing a short second post that explains, as far as I can, what I will be doing next  – at least in scope and intended direction if not detail.

Future Contact : Twitter & Facebook

I am now on Twitter and can be followed @ripleyvillebob.

If you are not familiar with it, Twitter comes with a person to person text messaging service. Need to make contact or want to keep in contact – give it a try.

I have also very recently set up a personal Facebook page. It is for close family and a few ‘friends’ only at the moment, while I develop it and get used to it. I would hope to expand this to a Victorian Local History interest group (or groups?). As I understand it, one to one and one to many group messaging would then be available through Facebook.


Copyright R L (B0b) Walker 2016

published 01/09/2016


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