See you again?

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This is a “See you again, sometime” post; the type of “good-bye” that is not intended to be final but where you make no immediate plans for when you might meet.

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After three weeks and a follow-up appointment at Bradford Royal Infirmary, the hope is that my ‘something and nothing’ is probably more of a nothing – or at least unlikely to recur.  We shall see. But, with each passing week, the three weeks without doing a post on the blog have confirmed for me that I have made the right decision. For the foreseeable future other priorities, including research on Victorian Ripley Ville, must come first.

The blog is on hold. I think until the end of February 2015 at least.


The pages on the web-site will stay accessible.

I would still be interested in contacts from people who had ancestors living in or connected toRipley Ville in the Victorian period 1866 – 1885 or to Bowling Dyeworks from 1835 – 1885. You can use the form below to get in touch or the info on the contact page


I won’t be abandoning the rediscovering Ripley Ville project.

  • I am still concerned about the alms houses.
  • I am still contactable if you have an interest in helping to make connections between Victorian Ripley Ville, present-day West Bowling and its history and heritage.
  • I will be publishing whatever comes out of the new research on the ‘water-closets controversy’ and intend to make good on a long-overdue promise for future booklets in the rediscovering Ripleyville series.

If there is any way, however small, in which you feel you could help this wider project, you can use the form below. Please get in touch.

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Can I thank those of you who have already got in touch over the past few weeks by e-mail, through comments on the blog, ‘likes’ on the Facebook page or signing up as a ‘Friend’ of Ripley Ville (see column right  →). I will get back to you as soon as I can.

My continuing best wishes to those of you who contributed and helped make the web-site, the go-to site for Ripleyville, Bowling Dyeworks, the Ripleys and the Victorian history of west Bowling over the last two and a half years. Its a significant success story.

Maybe it (or a replacement?) will be again.

So, see you again sometime.



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