What the … ?

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Yes – come a bit out of the blue hasn’t it?

All the rRV blog posts are now “password protected” – rather than just a few.

It wasn’t planned.

It was one of those ’something and nothing’ things that brought it about. I had a couple of days in hospital last week; nothing life threatening though it was unpleasant enough for me to want to avoid a repeat. But it did make me stop.

Once stopped and under doctor’s instructions to, “Take it easy for a week”, plans that would have taken the blog and the rediscovering Ripleyville project through to and beyond 15th November next year – and Ripley Ville’s 150th anniversary – just started to unravel.

Once stopped – and with the prospect that at some time during my upcoming 70th year another ‘something and nothing’ could take a chunk or chunks out of my schedule – and the plans, the time commitment of regular posts on the blog, the neglect of other priorities, no longer made sense.

I have been researching the history of Ripleyville in its various strands for more than 12 years. Over the last two and a half years, through the web-site I have explored and promoted that history and shown its relevance to:-

  • Bradford’s Heritage offer
  • the history of industrial model villages in the Worsted District

I have been aided by ex-residents of the Villa and those who lived nearby. I have been aided by those with ancestors who lived in the village.

There is much still to do; not least taking findings back to those who live in the area now and sharing them with a wider group of people.

But once stopped – in effect ‘derailed’ and faced about – and made to look at those other priorities as well as at core ‘rediscovering Ripleyville’ work, I knew, just knew, I should stop blogging.

Once I had made that decision it was a case of moth-balling the posts on the blog. That is what has been done. I’ve cleared a desk. I’ve tidied up. I’ve put things in store. I will not be operating a Friends of Ripleyville group or Members Area – at least not any time soon. The planned Ripleyville Facebook page may be activated -but not anytime soon.

The core activity of historical research goes on. How that gets communicated is under review. Beyond that I can’t say.

To those who have contributed to past posts;  my thanks.

To those with an interest in activities that benefit West Bowling now – keep in touch.


R L (Bob) Walker

Historian of West Bowling & Victorian Ripley Ville



2 responses

  1. Hi Bob, hope all is well and a speedy recovery in the same boat at moment lets hope that the knowlage you have goes on so others never forget. regards keith

  2. Thanks for that, Keith. I certainly intend that it gets passed on.

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